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Foundation for Financial Success


With more than 30 years experience helping hospitals to bridge the challenges of supporting clinical excellence while maintaing the bottom line, we formed The NuBase Group, LLC with the intention of providing personalized services to address a focused group of challenges in today's tough reimbursement environment.

  • Pharmacy Formulary Pricing Algorithms specific to client goals


  • Pharmacy Formulary Compliance Audits


  • Hospital CDM Consulting Services providing Compliance Audits  for Updates, and Maintenance 


At The NuBase Group we know we don't have the answers to all questions and solutions for all problems in your hospital.  Instead, we focus on the areas of Pharmacy and the Hospital CDM in which we have extensive knowledge and have achieved excellent results for our clients. We strive to conduct accurate analysis and evaluation of current conditions, then perform services to achieve mutually agreed upon goals in revenue and compliance.   

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