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At The NuBase Group we work for and with our clients to provide results to achieve specific revenue and compliance goals.  We focus on what we know and do best.  We ensure we understand our clients' specific challenges and goals and work collaboratively to produce successful, measurable results.  

NuBase consultants use their proprietary Pharmacy software tool, RxPricer, to analyze your hospital’s existing Pharmacy Formulary data and current charges.  NuBase’s Pharmacy software tool uses state of the art mapping and bench-marking technology .  NuBase will model alternative Pharmacy pricing algorithms in line with current industry and marketplace practices.  NuBase will work collaboratively with hospital Pharmacy and Revenue Cycle staff, then present a pricing model and formulas which represent a rational and defensible approach to Pharmacy pricing.  

NuBase performs  comprehensive Pharmacy Formulary Reviews by bench-marking the Hospital’s Pharmacy Formulary against an updated and current Pharmacy database utilizing the NuBase software tool, RxReviewer.  NuBase will compare your existing coding for compliance with 

current regulatory and best practice guidelines and identify solutions for areas of concern in the Hospital’s Pharmacy Formulary.

Restructure the Pharmacy 

Pricing Algorithm

Pharmacy Formulary Compliance Audit

Hospital Charge Description Master (CDM) Audit and Maintenance Services

NuBase provides off-site Hospital CDM Consulting Services to address the following areas:


Once yearly Hospital CDM Review/Update 


Remote Access to Hospital CDM Consulting Services


  • Access to a NuBase CDM Consultant via phone or email five (5) days per week during regular business hours to assist in answering CDM related questions.

  • Comprehensive CDM review aligns your CDM to all current CMS coding and compliance requirements.

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